Waviator brings easiness in the IT world for the user who didn't have vast knowledge in different computer languages.

Waviator MYWEB version 0.1 is a unique platform and pre-design website with admin panel, which give you the freedom to manage your website by yourself without having depend on any IT personal, we also provide a wide range of UI, UX and LOGO designing services for you and we also offer digital marketing services so you can boost your business on digital platform.


After Studing the many website user, business owner and individuals we in Waviator comes to know that there is huge problem in indian IT sectors that they didnot provide web page owner a right platfrom so they can update every this in there website in one go or need to be dependent on there weboage vendors to upadte, edit or redsign any web or there IT needs.

MYWEB the solution
After going though the problem Waviator bring their first product which is WEB1 a unique platfrom and pre-design website with admin panel which give you freedom to manage your website by yourself without having dependency on any IT personal, Infact with the help of WEB1 you can track and do continueous work on your website leads so you didnot miss any of your website visitors.

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